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Note: These lists have been scanned and compiled from old papers and may contain errors. ECHO 1-10 have a second number which was the overall number within the diocese of Fall River. After ECHO 10, the numbering was separated. Check back soon as the early team lists are being updated to include the entire team in addition to the head table.

ECHO 301 Nov. 2015: Rectora Susie Brown, Serena Tierney, Deanna Barrows, Fr. Ron Floyd, Patti Machado, Jean Giddings, Gretchen Riley, Colby Oulette, Charlene & John Carey, Lucy Cahill, Sarah Craig, Sarah Donahue, Kathryn St. Onge, Darian Guthrie, Sam Montalto

ECHO 302 Jan. 2016: Rector Joe Tierney, Jeremy Cadrin, Jim St. Onge, Fr. Tom Frechette, Deacon John Foley, Joe Bentley, Frank Green, Keith Caldwell, Bill O'Donnell, Mike & Sarah LeBrun, Nathan Ryan, Griffin Miller, Joe Lennon-Phillips, Dan Burke, Liam Furey, Chris Parkin

ECHO 303 Mar. 2016: Rectora Kathy Harmon, Erin Harmon, Anna McEntee, Fr. David Deston, Fr. David Frederici, Deacon John Foley, Dawn St. Onge, Maria Papapietro, Danette Atsalis, Kathy Collings, Maryellen & John Loucks, Mariella Martin, Katie Tynan, Lucy Cahill, Adrienne Tardif, Lexi O'Brien, Jackie Roycroft

ECHO 304 Apr. 2016: Rector Heath Eldredge, Matt Clark, Dave Ryan, Fr. Chris Peschel, Deacon Dave Akin, Seminarian Matthew Gill, Bart Wesp, Chris Olsen, Keith Blaquiere, Steve & Nichole Goveia, Alec Vaughn, Ian Ramsay, TJ McEntee, Andrew Harmon, Chris Hughes, Kenny Shaffer

ECHO 305 Oct. 2016: Rectora Susie Brown, Serena Tierney, Melanie Mimmo, Fr. David Frederici, Deacon Pat Mahoney, Mary Lou Tierney, Heather Wesp, Judy & D.J. Sullivan, Sarah LeBrun, Holly Burleson, Abbie Winikainen, Emily Gualberto, Hannat Mitchell, McKenna Meagher, Mikayla Mathieu, Kerry Bresnahan

ECHO 306 Nov. 2016: Rector Heath Eldredge, Matt Clark, Jim St. Onge, Fr. David Deston, Fr. Ron Floyd, Dan Nunes, Steve Goveia, Brian Duarte, Chris & Carol Olsen, Tom McManamon, George Killian, Joe Lennon-Phillips, Mike Burke, TJ Pagliaro, Alec Vaughn, Kenny Shaffer

ECHO 307 Jan. 2017: Rectora Cathy Carpenter, Judy Perella, Christine Yezukevicz, Susan Anderson, Fr. Tom Frechette, Helen Curran, Katy Fuller, Meghann & James Welsh, Judy McMAnamon, Courtney McEneaney, Melissa Quigg, Sarah Craig, Kali Tanguay, Emily St. Onge

ECHO 308 Mar. 2017: Rectora Barbara-Anne Foley, Anna McEntee, Dawn St. Onge, Fr. Jason Brilhante, Fr. Phil Davignon, Deacon John Foley, Deanna Barrows, Betsy & Patrick Casey, Susan Jussell, Anna Murphy, Gretchen Riley, Sydney LeBlond, Emily Spinello, Martene Jamiel, Corrinn Jussell, Hannay Fay

ECHO 309 Apr. 2017: Rector John Cabral, Dave Burleson, Jeremy Cadrin, Fr. David Deston, Fr. Chris Peschel, Tim Acton, Joe & Laurie Bentley, David Panora, Joe Spinello, Mike Burke, Peter Casey, Sean Farrington, Joe Lennon-Phillips, Conor O'Brien, Jacob Meece

ECHO 310 Oct. 2017: Rectora Susie Brown, Serena Tierney, Gretchen Riley, Fr. Jeff Cabral, Fr. Ron Floyd, Katy Fuller, Amy Johnson, Ann Quirk, Jean & Dwight Giddings, Laine Palmer, McKenna Meagher, Alyssa Martin, Kerry Bresnahan

ECHO 311 Nov. 2017: Rector Heath Eldredge, Matt Clark, Steve Goveia, Fr. David Deston, Deacon John Foley, Jim St. Onge, Bill O'Donell, Keith Blaquiere, Brian & Harlie Duarte, Erik Gualberto, Mike Burke, Mike McEntee, Matt Donahue, Josh Flynn, Conor O'Brien

ECHO 312 Jan. 2018: Rectora Heather Wesp, Katie McManamon, Laurie Bentley, Fr. Tom Frechette, Eileen Putman, Meghann Welsh, Judy Lyons, Marie Iarocci-Souza, Cheryl & Dave Ryan, Myranda Goveia, Hannah Laird, Natalie Guthrie, Vanessa Townsend, Breann Hill, Kali Tanguay

ECHO 313 Feb. 2018: Rector Joe Bentley, Tom McManamon, TJ Pagliaro, Fr. Tom Frechette, Fr. Chris Peschel, David Laird, Andy Lee, Tim Acton, Kevin Lyons, Scott & Sue Ramsay, Joe Lennon-Phillips, Adam Beal, Jakob Goveia, Chris Bresnahan, Peter Casey, Jack Needham

ECHO 314 Mar. 2018: Rectora Barbara-Anne Foley, Anna McEntee, Dawn St. Onge, Fr. Jason Brilhante, Deacon John Foley, Janie Green, Nichole Goveia, Margaret Hill, Susan Jussell, Karen & Michael Sweeney, Jackie May, Kerry Bresnahan, Alexa Paige, Colleen Ellis, Molly Keating

ECHO 315 Apr. 2018: Rector John Cabral, David Burleson, Joe Spinnello, Fr. Tom Frechette, Fr. David Deston, Peter McEntee, Bill O'Donnell, Andrew Harmon, Steve Booth, Jim & Dawn St. Onge, Kenny Shaffer, Mike Carlowicz, CJ Luz Roque, Ian Ramsay, Josh Flynn, Joey Tierney

ECHO 316 Oct. 2018: Rector John Cabral, David Burleson, Jim St. Onge, Fr. David Deston, Fr. Matt Gill, Deacon Steve & Becky Minninger, Bill O'Donnell, Conor O'Brien, Matthew Laird, Brian Jenkins, Kenny Shaffer, CJ Luz Roque, Chris Bresnahan, Maxcy Denmark, Peter Casey, Jakob Goveia

ECHO 317 Nov. 2018: Rectora Susie Brown, Gretchen Riley, Jean Giddings, Fr. Ed Healey, Fr. Dan Nunes, Margaret & Carl Hill, Patti Machado, Emily Turner, Serena Tierney, Sarah Craig, Molly Keating, Claire LaLiberte, Greta Weber, Ashlinn Hoffmeister

ECHO 318 Jan. 2019: Rectora Heather Wesp, Bridget Janerico, Nichole Goveia, Fr. Tom Frechette, Deacon Paul Harney, Kathy & David Laird, Eileen Putman, Marie Iarocci-Souza, Cathy Carpenter, Heather Eldredge, Breann Hill, Roxy Lengyel, Isabelle LaBoeuf, Kathleen Hanson, Ellie Pinzino

ECHO 319 Feb. 2019: Rector Joe Bentley, Tim Acton, Dave Ryan, Fr. Tom Frechette, Fr. Ron Floyd, Anthony & Mary Offiler, Frank Green, Steve Goveia, Mike Noonan, Tim Riefenhauser, Mike McEntee, Sean Kilty, Jack Needham, Jack Tierney, Lucas Boyle, Colby August



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