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Note: These lists have been scanned and compiled from old papers and may contain errors. ECHO 1-10 have a second number which was the overall number within the diocese of Fall River. After ECHO 10, the numbering was separated. Check back soon as the early team lists are being updated to include the entire team in addition to the head table.

ECHO 31 Apr. 1972: Rector Bill Campbell, Ray Lebrun, Fr. M Comes, Fr. O Smith, Fr. Jack Andrews

ECHO 34 Oct. 1972: Rectora Mary Farley, Ruth Frost, Fr. 0 Smith, Fr. Phil Davignon, Fr. Jim Nickel

ECHO 35 Nov. 1972: Rector Ray LeBrun, John Malloy, Fr. Tom Lopes, Fr. Terry Keenan

ECHO 37 Jan. 1973: Rectora Mary Fuller, Ruth Frost, Fr. Tom Lopes, Fr. Tom McMorrow, Fr. Jack Andrews

ECHO 38 Mar. 1973: Rector John Malloy, Ed Acton, Fr. Phil Davignon, Fr. George Coleman, Fr. Terry Keenan

ECHO 41 Apr. 1973: Rectora Ruth Frost, Joan Powers, Fr. Jim Nickel, Fr. Tom McMorrow, Fr. Joe Maguire

ECHO 43 Oct. 1973: Fr. George Coleman, Fr. Tom Lopes, Fr. Tim Goldrick

ECHO 44 Nov. 1973: Rector John Malloy, Chuck Lindberg, Fr. Jim Nickel, Fr. Jim McLellan, Fr. Phil Davignon

ECHO 48 Feb. 1974: Rectora Mary Fuller, Marlene Corey, Fr. Jim Fahey, Fr. Tom Lopes, Fr. Tim Goldrick, Fr. Bill Babbitt

ECHO 50 Mar. 1974: Rector Chuck Lindberg, Soupy Campbell, Fr. Jack Andrews, Fr. George Coleman, Fr. Stan Kolasa


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